Download and installation


Itzï python package is available on pypi. You can browse and download the source code on bitbucket.


Itzï depends on GRASS GIS 7 and NumPy. GRASS should therefore be installed in order to use Itzï. NumPy is normally installed along GRASS. All other dependencies are installed by pip.

Download and install the last version of Itzï using pip:

$ pip install itzi --user

If Itzï is already installed and you want to update it to the last version:

$ pip install itzi --user --upgrade

If you prefer to download and install Itzï manually, you can do it that way:

$ tar -xvf itzi-16.9.tar.gz
$ cd itzi-16.9
$ python install --user

Check usage:

$ itzi -h
$ itzi run -h

So far Itzï is only tested under GNU/Linux.


For some reason not related to Itzï, pip does not always place the Itzï executable in an accessible place. If calling itzi returns a command not found error, you need to add the installation directory (usually ~/.local/bin) to your PATH.