Itzï is featured in multiple publications.

If you use Itzï in your academic work, please cite Courty, Pedrozo-Acuña, & Bates (2017). Please let us know if you used Itzï in your publication and want it added to this page.

Scientific journal

Courty, L. G., Soriano-Monzalvo, J. C., & Pedrozo-Acuña, A. (2019). Evaluation of open-access global digital elevation models (AW3D30, SRTM and ASTER) for flood modelling purposes. Journal of Flood Risk Management, 1–14.

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Conference proceedings

Courty, L. G., Brena-Naranjo, J. A., & Pedrozo-Acuna, A. (2018). Managing large geodatasets for urban flood risk mapping: The Mexican flood risk atlas. EPiC Series in Engineering, 3, 470-475.

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Doctoral thesis

Courty, L. G. (2018). Integrated modelling of overland flows and drainage networks in a urban environment (UNIVERSIDAD NACIONAL AUTÓNOMA DE MÉXICO).